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Come along to our photo sessions to dust off your camera and get snap-happy with a professional photography instructor.

Brush up on your camera skills and learn new photography techniques whilst on a photo walk class with other local keen photographers!

We run two hour photography sessions based on a photography theme/technique/style and they take place in various locations in Jackson.

  • New to photography? We also run a popular 3 hour Beginners Guide to Photography Class once a month. And once in a while we will run special niche 3 hour classes, for example, Astrophotography - so do subscribe to our newsletter to know when the next on is!

  • Who can attend? Open to all skill levels, from beginners to keen amateurs. The photography instructor is there to help you with camera settings and provide any advice you need.

  • What to bring? We recommend bringing a camera that has full manual mode or semi-manual modes (Aperture or Shutter Priority). Compact cameras and smartphones also welcome!

    The meeting point and full details for the day are sent in the booking confirmation email to the email address you provide at time of booking.

    Join the Jackson Photography Group on Facebook to share your photos after the session.

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    Jackson Photography Group
    Title or Location: Ross Barnett Reservoir on Hwy 43
    October 28, 202323mm, ISO 160, F1.8, 1/120We were on a motorcycle ride through the area, looking at campsites, and I noticed the sky and how the sun was setting across the water. We pulled over and I walked to the waters edge to try and capture what I was seeing. Of all the photography I've done over the years Landscapes have always been my favorite. The quiet stillness of our surroundings can be so captivating.
    Credit: Cindy Mooney
    Facebook: bikernanny
    Instagram: bikernanny

    Jackson Photography Group
    Title or Location: This was taken at the Bald Cypress Swamp off of the Natchez Trace
    My wife and I decided to take a leisurely ride Wednesday on the Trace. We stopped at the first location which was at the Tupelo Bald Cypress Swamp right off of the trail. We snapped a few photos and this was one of them. I'm using a Canon EOS R100 with the RF-S 18-45mm lense. This photo has not been edited. It is as it was when I took it.
    Credit: John Patterson
    Jackson Photography Group
    Title or Location: Undisclosed location
    Just a beautiful evening spent with an even more beautiful soul!!
    Credit: Francois
    Instagram: _filmedxfrancois

    Jackson Photography Group
    Title or Location: Gluckstadt ms.
    I was working on a house (I'm a painter) And spilled some across some tread marks and thought it looked balanced and colorful.
    Credit: Elrod Jettison
    Facebook: Elrod Jettison
    Instagram: Eric_achee

    Jackson Photography Group
    Title or Location: Hank Aaron Sports Academy( formally known as Smith Wills Stadium)
    It's was a stormy day(Im the biggest fan of rain)And I wanted capture some some shots. I went grab my camera and heard the hail coming down, by time I came out the ball field was covered in hail and I said it's a must I get these shots and this is what came of it.
    Credit: Francois
    Facebook: Tedrick Francois
    Instagram: Francois_bytheway
    Jackson Photography Group
    Title or Location: Downtown Jackson
    Doing business downtown I decided to walk around and grab some shots on an interestingly cloudy day. That coupled with a color filter using camera 360 I got this cool shot. It was taken on an iPhone.
    Credit: Eric Achee

    St Albans Photography Group
    Title or Location: Night-time at Portland Bill lighthouse
    The weather forecast for the night Friday the 3rd May looked very good and because the last time I went to Portland Bill I didn't manage to get home with anything good, I thought of giving it another go. Even though it was a 4 hour drive from my house, I'm over the moon I went there because I haven't seen the sky so nice and clean in a very, very long time, it was just perfect.I took quite a few photos and this one is the first that I want to show you because I love it to bits.As always, I
    Credit: Emil Andronic
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Emil.Andronic.Photography
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ancient_light_by_emilandronic/
    New Orleans Photography Group
    Title or Location: St. Charles Parish Wetlands Watchers Park
    Saturday night, 5/11/24, I went out to the St. Charles Parish Wetlands Watchers Park wanting to capture some photos of the Northern Lights as the Solar Storm made the aurora visible down here in Louisiana. It was a cloudy night so we didn't get to see any of it. But a thunderstorm was was approaching and "heat lightning" was seen in the distance. As it got closer, the lightning strikes were getting more and more visible even though the storm was still miles away. So I repositioned my camera and
    Credit: Bertis Tamplain
    Santa Clara Photography Group
    Title or Location: Yosemite Valley
    I went on a hike in Yosemite Valley and unexpectedly found this tree that had a heart shaped hole in the trunk. I stayed until dusk and used my red light on my headlamp to cast the red glow inside the heart. I was inspired by my then girlfriend. I love LOVE!
    Credit: Cody Mattson
    Facebook: codymattsonphotography

    San Gabriel Photography Group
    Title or Location: Home
    A photographer friend visits his parents in Alaska every year and upon his return home he always brings me salmon steaks that his family catch as part of their food provisions. This was my dinner and will say that this dinner was nothing short of amazing!
    Credit: Gonzalo Guerrero
    Instagram: @photo818
    Brisbane Photography Group
    Title or Location: Charlies Hut, Carneys Creek
    As anyone who chases milkyway photos will tell you, they take some careful planning and often a lack of sleep. Charlies Hut is in the Scenic Rim. It's about a 2hr drive from home, and with the help of Photopills, we could see that the moon would have set with the milkyway still visible at about 4am. So alarms were set for 1.30am, coffee was made and off we went. I use the intervalometer on my Canon 6D mark ii to shoot between 15-20 images of the sky. The lens I used was a Samyang 14mm, set
    Credit: Lisa Pritchard
    Facebook: Lisa Pritchard
    Instagram: lisa_pritchard_photography
    Oshawa Photography Group
    Title or Location: Just north of Brechin on Hwy 169.
    May 10 the northern lights hit a G5 storm, a KP index of 9, the highest it will go, and the best storm we've seen in over 20 years. I drove my 10 year old son north to see them, this was a chance of a lifetime. I managed to get several amazing photos. Canon R6M2, RF10-20mm lens at 10mm, 30sec at f4, iso 1000, manual focusing. This was looking more north-west as most of the bright colours could be seen to the south, west and just north of us.
    Credit: Diane Schlichting
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61558842215195
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/littlebearphotographyca/

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